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We service Guitar Tube Amplifiers 

It's a labor of love

I have played guitar for over 40 years, much of that time as a performing musician. Throughout the years, I have worked on thousands of guitars and serviced many tube amplifiers. In recent years, I've also channeled my passion into the hands-on construction and service of tube guitar amplifiers. It's a passion of mine that may be of service to you.

Amplifier on Bench


This is a labor of love from over 40-years of playing guitar and working on amps and guitars for myself and others. I do not earn my living doing this, so I am selective about the work I accept, but promise quality work and reasonable bench time fees. Some of the services I offer are listed below.
Amp bench

Tube Amp Servicing


Tube Biasing, Replacement, Parts, Troubleshooting, Component testing and replacement, etc.

Tube Amplifier Schematic for Princeton Reverb

Tube Amp Servicing

Repairs, Builds

Circuit review, modifications, kit builds, scratch builds, repairs, etc. Bring old amps back to life or build the amp you've dreamed of.

Vintage vs Modern Strat String Spacing

Guitar Servicing

Set-up, Maintenance

Strings, set-up, intonation, action, relief, adjustments, cleaning, etc.

Electric Guitar Electronics

Guitar Servicing

Assembly, repair

Repairs, re-wire, electronics, modifications.


If you have a Tube Guitar Amp that requires some professional attention, contact me for an evaluation. We don't accept all work, as my time is limited, but I don't charge for a consultation.


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